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    Types of Authentication for SRC User Accounts

    You can configure the following types of authentication for user accounts:

    • Plain text password—Prompt for a plain text (unencrypted) password. The requirements for plain text passwords are:
      • Can contain between 6 and 128 characters
      • Can include most character classes in a password (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other special characters).

        Note: We do not recommend that the password include control characters. We do recommend that the password include at least one change of case or character class.

    If you configure a plain text password, you are prompted to enter and confirm the password.

    • Encrypted password—Password encoded with crypt. The format of encrypted passwords is "{crypt}<13-characters in a-zA-Z0-9./>".

      Note: We recommend that you do not enter the password in encrypted format.

    • SSH—SSH authentication. For SSH authentication, you can copy the contents of an SSH keys file into a CLI session.

    Do not configure a plain text password and an encrypted password at the same time because one value will overwrite the other.

    Published: 2014-12-10