Special Types of Event Publishers

The SRC CLI lets you configure global and default retailer event publishers. You can also configure service-specific event publishers, retailer-specific event publishers, and virtual router-specific event publishers.

Configuring Service-Specific Event Publishers

In the value-added services definition, you can configure two event publishers for a service:

Configuring Retailer-Specific Event Publishers

In the retailer definition, you can configure three event publishers for a retailer:

Configuring Virtual Router–Specific Event Publishers

In the virtual router definition, you can configure an interface-tracking plug-in event publisher for a virtual router. These plug-in instances are called when a managed interface is started and stopped. They are called after an interface comes up, when new policies are installed on the interface, and when the interface goes down.

For more information about device running Junos OS and virtual routers, see the SRC PE Network Guide.

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