Enterprise Subscriber and Subscription Hierarchy

In the enterprise model, a subscriber is an individual physical access line managed through the enterprise service portal over which services are delivered by the service provider. In the enterprise, the SRC software supports the organization of the enterprise in the following hierarchy (Figure 1):

Figure 1 shows an enterprise hierarchy.

Figure 1: Enterprise Hierarchy

Enterprise Hierarchy

Sites and access lines are subordinate to an enterprise; the enterprise sometimes contains sites and access lines. Access lines are subordinate to a site; the site contains access lines.

In Figure 1, the XYM Corporation enterprise contains two subordinate sites, Boston and Toronto. The Boston site contains a single subordinate access line, whereas the Toronto site contains two subordinate access lines. All three access lines connect to a router in the service provider network. An individual access line, for example, might be a T1 line running PPP or a T3 line running Frame Relay.

Enterprise Subscription Hierarchy

The organizational levels of the enterprise receive subscribed services in a hierarchical manner. The availability of a subscription to a higher level affects its availability to a lower level.

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