List of Figures

Figure 1: Enterprise Hierarchy
Figure 2: Components Involved in Subscription Activation
Figure 3: PPP Login Interactions
Figure 4: PPP Logout
Figure 5: DHCP Interface Startup
Figure 6: DHCP Subscriber Initial Login
Figure 7: DHCP Subscriber Login
Figure 8: Persistent DHCP Subscriber Login
Figure 9: DHCP Subscriber Logout
Figure 10: Static IP Subscriber Login
Figure 11: Subscriber IP Address Not Known
Figure 12: Enterprise Subscriber Session Activation
Figure 13: Service Activation Page
Figure 14: Subscription Activation Page
Figure 15: Subscription Activation
Figure 16: Subscription Deactivation
Figure 17: Remote Session Activation Sequence
Figure 18: DHCP Address Assignment
Figure 19: Creating and Tracking Subscriber Sessions
Figure 20: Activating and Tracking Service Sessions
Figure 21: Failover of a Redirect Server