Setting Up MX Series Routers in the SRC Network (SRC CLI)

To set up the MX Series router so that the router can be managed by the SAE:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures network devices. This sample procedure uses mx_device as the name of the router.
    user@host# edit slot 0 shared network device mx_device
  2. Set the type of device to third-party.
    [edit shared network device mx_device]user@host# set device-type third-party
  3. From configuration mode, access the configuration statements for virtual routers. For MX Series routers, use the name default for the virtual router.
    [edit shared network device mx_device]user@host# edit virtual-router default
  4. Specify the addresses of SAEs that can manage this router.
    [edit shared network device mx_device virtual-router default]user@host# set sae-connection [sae-connection...]

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