DPI Script Service Overview

The SRC software has a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) script service that can be used to modify services on routers managed by the SRC software to provide resource management based on supported applications. The DPI script service allows the SRC software to manage services on Juniper Networks routers running Junos OS, such as the Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Router. When the service activation engine (SAE) activates the DPI script service, the session uses the command channel to manage policies on MX Series routers. The DPI script service can use the Junos XML management protocol to change the configuration on the MX Series router as well as send commands to third-party devices that support Telnet access.

The DPI script service activates services by applying policy rules to the managed interface on a network device. The DPI script service allows you to modify existing rules by parameter substitutions; that is, you can replace existing rules with new rules or delete existing rules. The DPI script service supports only default SRC subscriptions and default SAE service sessions. The script service supports policy rules to handle Junos XML management protocol requests for MX Series routers and Telnet commands for third-party routers.

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