Managing Services on MX Series Routers Using the Diameter Application

You can use the SRC software to manage services on Juniper Networks routing platforms using the Diameter protocol. The SRC software communicates with the local SRC peer on the device using Diameter messages to dynamically manage services for a subscriber session.

The SRC software includes a Diameter server that forwards AAR, ACR, SRQ, and STR messages from JSRC to the device driver in the SAE and that forwards PPR and ASR messages from the device driver to JSRC. These Diameter messages perform these functions:

You configure the Diameter peers and a device for each device managed by the SAE. The Diameter server searches all devices of type junos-ise for virtual routers that include the local host in their SAE connections. For these devices, the Diameter server establishes a connection with the peers referenced in the device configuration.

Tasks to set up the management of services on devices using Diameter protocol: