Adding Objects for CMTS Devices (SRC CLI)

To manage CMTS devices, the SAE creates and manages pseudointerfaces that it associates with a virtual router object. Each CMTS device in the SRC network must appear in the configuration as a router object, and it must be associated with a virtual router object called default. The router and virtual router are not actually configured on the CMTS device; the router and virtual router provide a way for the SAE to manage the CMTS device by using the SAE’s embedded policy server.

Use the following configuration statements to add a router object:

shared network device name {description description ;
management-address management-address ;
device-type (junose | junos | pcmm | proxy);
qos-profile [ qos-profile ...];

To add a router:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statements that configure network devices. You must specify the name of a device with lowercase characters. In this sample procedure, pcmm_dtr is the name of the object.
    user@host# edit shared network device pcmm_dtr
  2. (Optional) Add a description for the CMTS device.
    [edit shared network device pcmm_dtr] user@host# set description description
  3. Add the IP address of the CMTS device.
    [edit shared network device pcmm_dtr] user@host# set management-address management-address
  4. (Optional) Specify the type of device that you are adding.
    [edit shared network device pcmm_dtr] user@host# set device-type pcmm
  5. (Optional) Verify your configuration.
    [edit shared network device pcmm_dtr] 
    user@host# show 
    description "CMTS device";
    device-type pcmm;
    interface-classifier { 
     rule rule-0 {
       script #;

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