Configuring Types of Actions for Rate-Limit Actions (SRC CLI)

When you configure a rate-limit action or a rate-limit hierarchy, you specify types of actions for conformed traffic, committed traffic, and exceed traffic.

Before you configure the various types of action, configure the rate limit or parent group (for rate-limit hierarchies) that is to include the actions. See

Use the following configuration statements to configure rate-limit actions from the following hierarchy levels:

rate-limit {committed-action filtercommitted-action forwardcommitted-action forward-conditional committed-action forward-finalcommitted-action forward-unconditional committed-action mark mark-info {value value;mask mask;}committed-action parameter {action action;}conformed-action filterconformed-action forwardconformed-action forward-conditional conformed-action forward-finalconformed-action forward-unconditional conformed-action mark mark-info {value value;mask mask;}conformed-action parameter {action action;}exceed-action filterexceed-action forwardexceed-action forward-conditional exceed-action forward-finalexceed-action forward-unconditional exceed-action mark mark-info {value value;mask mask;}exceed-action parameter {action action;}}

To specify types of actions for rate-limit actions:

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