Configuring Traffic-Mirror Actions (SRC CLI)

Use this action to mirror traffic from a destination to a source or from a source to a destination. You can configure traffic-mirror actions for Junos OS filter input policy rules.

Before you use traffic-mirror actions, configure forwarding options on routers running Junos OS for port mirroring and next-hop group. For information about how these features work on the router, see the Junos OS Policy Framework Configuration Guide.

The type of action that you can create depends on the type of policy rule. See Policy Information Model.

The rule containing a traffic-mirror action must comply with these conditions:

Use the following configuration statement to configure a traffic-mirror action:

policies group name list name rule name traffic-mirror {description description ; }

To configure a traffic-mirror action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the traffic-mirror configuration.
    user@host# edit policies group junos list mirror rule pr traffic-mirror
  2. (Optional) Enter a description for the traffic-mirror action.
    [edit policies group junos list mirror rule pr traffic-mirror]user@host# set description description
  3. (Optional) Verify the traffic-mirror action configuration.
    [edit policies group junos list mirror rule pr traffic-mirror]
    user@host# show 
    description "Traffic mirroring action for subnet.";

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