Viewing Runtime Parameters (SRC CLI)


Runtime parameters are parameters that are filled in with an actual value from the running system when the policy is installed. The SRC software comes with many predefined runtime parameters. Although the SRC CLI allows you to modify runtime parameters, you should not modify them. You can view a list of runtime parameters and view information about these parameters.


To view a list of runtime parameters:

user@host# edit policies global-parameters runtime-parameters 
Possible completions:
  ah                   Maps protocol 51 to AH
  any_priority         Sets packet loss priority to "any"
  any_protocol         Sets the drop profile protocol to "any"
  best_effort          Service flow scheduling type is best effort
  bootp                Specifies the BOOTP protocol
  . . .
  user_ipAddress       IP address of the subscriber
  user_ipMask          IP mask of the subscriber
  virtual_ipAddress    Virtual portal address used with redundant SAEs
  winframe             Specifies the WinFrame protocol
  yellow               Sets the color of an action or classifier to yellow

To view information about runtime parameters:

user@host> show configuration policies global-parameters runtime-parameters 
parameter interpolated {
  default-value "\"interpolate\"";
  type dropProfileType;
. . . 
parameter low_priority {
  default-value "\"low\"";
  type packetLossPriority;
parameter ah {
  default-value 51;
  type protocol;
parameter sqlnet {
  default-value "\"sqlnet\"";
  type applicationProtocol;
parameter eq {
  default-value "\"eq\"";
  type portOperation;

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