Configuring SRC VTA Database Optimization (SRC CLI)

To optimize SRC VTA database operations, you can set the sessions-terminated-frequently option.

Note: Setting the sessions-terminated-frequently option is an irreversible act. You can set this option to true, but you cannot change it back to false.

To use the sessions-terminated-frequently optimization feature with a set of SRC VTAs, you must follow this specific process:

  1. All C Series Controllers running SRC VTAs must be running SRC software release 4.3 or later; otherwise, you must upgrade the system.
  2. Send all SAE events to only one SRC VTA.
  3. Wait until the removed SRC VTAs (from Step 2) have finished processing events in their event queues.
  4. Set the sessions-terminated-frequently option to true.
  5. Wait until all SRC VTAs have reacted to the option being set. The SRC VTA information log displays the following message “DBEngine will assume VTA sessions are terminated frequently.”
  6. Resume distributing SAE events to all SRC VTAs.

Use the following statement to configure SRC VTA database optimization:

shared vta group name processor db-engine {sessions-terminated-frequently ;}

To configure SRC VTA database optimization:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statement used to configure the db-engine processor. For example, to set up SRC VTA database optimization for the SRC VTA group called vta1:
    [edit]user@host# edit shared vta group vta1 processor db-engine
  2. Set the sessions-terminated-frequently option.
    [edit shared vta group vta1 processor db-engine]user@host# set sessions-terminated-frequently

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