Enabling, Disabling, and Restarting the SRC VTA (SRC CLI)

After you create and commit an SRC VTA shared configuration, a new top-level SRC component called vta-name automatically appears in the SRC CLI. This component is visible when you execute the following SRC CLI operational commands:

Where the vta-name is the name you specified for the group name under the edit shared vta group name configuration statement. You can configure multiple SRC VTA instances (groups), each with a unique name.

After you delete an SRC VTA group and commit the configuration, the SRC component called vta-name automatically disappears from the SRC CLI.

When you issue the show component command, a component called VTA is always visible. However, this component cannot be enabled or disabled or restarted. It is only displayed so that you can view the version number of the SRC VTA. Only SRC VTA group components with names like vta-name can be enabled and disabled and restarted.

To enable an SRC VTA:

To disable an SRC VTA:

To restart an SRC VTA:

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