Creating an SIC Group and Server (SRC CLI)

The SIC group configuration controls the properties of accounting and authentication targets, dictionaries, editing rules, and RADIUS and Diameter options.

To create an SIC group and the associated server:

For example, if you want to create an SIC group named server-group1 that includes a server named server-bldg5, from configuration mode:

The following rules depict how a new SIC group or server configuration is created on successfully committing the configuration:

If you want to add another server to server-group1 named server-bldg5a, execute:

[edit]user@host# edit slot 0 sic server set name /server-group1/server-bldg5a

Creating a server by using this statement populates it with sample data. You can also add a new server to an existing group by using the shared SIC group shared sic group identifier server identifier statement. However, this statement does not populate the server with sample data.

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