Subscriber Information Collector Overview

The subscriber information collector (SIC) is used in conjunction with the MX Series Ethernet Services Router running the packet-triggered subscribers and policy control (PTSP) solution. The SIC is also used to manage the dynamic services on RADIUS-enabled devices. To manage dynamic services on RADIUS-enabled devices, the SIC converts the RADIUS request to Diameter request and vice versa. For information about the SIC dynamic authorization support and managing the dynamic services, see SIC Dynamic Authorization Support Overview and Managing Dynamic Services on RADIUS-Enabled Devices. The SIC listens for RADIUS accounting and authentication messages from IP edge devices (clients), either directly or indirectly through an authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) proxy server, allowing the SRC software to gain increased subscriber awareness.

The role of the SIC is to listen for RADIUS accounting and authentication messages and filter undesired events based on attachment session attributes. The SIC is also responsible for sending RADIUS requests to the correct SRC that is managing the MX Series router.

The major components of the SIC are:

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