List of Tables

Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text Conventions
Table 3: SAE Categories and Severity Levels
Table 4: Named Severity Levels
Table 5: Examples of Filters for Event Messages
Table 6: SAE Debug Device Filter Formatting Rules
Table 7: Sample Combinations of Conditions for the device-filter-key Expression
Table 8: Logrotate Options
Table 9: Options for Specifying How Log Files are Created
Table 10: Example Table for juniSaeRouterTable Object
Table 11: Symbols in Performance Traps Tables
Table 12: Performance Traps–SAE
Table 13: Performance Traps–Accounting
Table 14: Performance Traps–Authentication
Table 15: Performance Traps–NIC
Table 16: Performance Traps–Router Drivers
Table 17: Performance Traps–System Management Event
Table 18: Performance Traps–Policy Engine
Table 19: Performance Traps–SRC Redirector
Table 20: Performance Traps–SRC ACP
Table 21: Performance Traps–JPS
Table 22: Performance Traps–Chassis
Table 23: Event Traps
Table 24: Alarm State Transitions
Table 25: Comparison of SRC Monitoring Options
Table 26: Output Fields for show component
Table 27: Commands to Display NIC Statistics
Table 28: Output Fields for show nic statistics process
Table 29: Output Fields for show nic statistics test
Table 30: Output Fields for show nic statistics resolver
Table 31: Output Fields for show nic statistics agent
Table 32: Commands to Display NIC DataTable 23: Commands to Display NIC Data
Table 33: Output Fields for show nic data resolver
Table 34: Output Fields for show nic data agent
Table 35: Output Fields for show ntp associations command