Configuring an SAE Group

Use the shared option of the set slot number sae shared command to add a new group. Use the shared sae group name command to configure the group.

To configure a group:

  1. From configuration mode, add a group. For example, to add a group called REGION-1 in the path /SAE/:
    [edit]user@host# set slot 0 sae shared /SAE/REGION-1
  2. Commit the configuration.
    [edit]user@host# commit commit complete.
  3. Configure the group as you would a shared SAE configuration.
    user@host# edit shared sae group REGION-1 ? 
    Possible completions:
     <[Enter]>           Execute this command
    > configuration
    > dhcp-classifier Configure a DHCP classification script
    > group               Group of SAE configuration properties
    > user-classifier Configure a subscriber classification script
      |                    Pipe through a command

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