Adding a Juniper Networks Database to an Established Community (SRC CLI)

When you add a Juniper Networks database to an existing community, make sure that you configure the primary neighbor relationships from the existing primary databases before you enable the new database.

Warning: If you assign a primary role to a database new to an existing community before you configure the neighbor relationships from existing community databases that have a primary role, you can lose data on neighbor databases that already have a primary role.

To add a Juniper Networks database to an existing community:

  1. On existing databases that have a primary role, configure neighbor relationships for the new database.

    For example, to configure primary neighbors for the existing servers C1 and C2 for the new server C-new:

    On C1:

    [edit system ldap server community]user@C1# set primary-neighbor C-new

    On C2:

    [edit system ldap server community]user@C2# set primary-neighbor C-new
  2. On the new database, enable the primary role and configure primary neighbors.

    For example, to enable the database in primary role and configure C1 and C2 as primary neighbors:

    [edit] user@C-new# edit system ldap server community [edit system ldap server community] user@C-new# set role primary

    user@C-new# set primary-neighbors C1 C2

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