Editing SRC Configurations (C-Web Interface)

The C-Web interface enables you to edit a graphical version of the SRC CLI configuration statements and hierarchy. In the Configure side pane, each task maps to the top level of the SRC CLI [edit] hierarchy. These tasks include:

When you edit a configuration, you work in a copy of the current configuration to create a candidate configuration.

The changes you make to the candidate configuration are visible through the user interface immediately, but they do not take effect on the SRC software or the C Series Controller until you commit the changes. Figure 15 displays the configuration options for the C-Web interface.

Figure 15: Configuration Options for the C-Web Interface

Configuration Options for the C-Web

The style of objects in the side pane indicates the status of the configuration. For example:

Loading Configuration Values in the C-Web Interface

When you access an object that does not have a configuration created (indicated by gray text in the side pane), the main pane contains only information about the configuration values that can be created.

Figure 16 shows the main pane of a configuration that has not been created.

Figure 16: Sample Configuration

Sample Configuration

To access and edit the configuration, you must load the configuration values in the main pane.

To load the configuration values:

  1. In the side pane, click an object that does not have a configuration created.
  2. In the main pane, click the Create button.

Committing a Configuration

To save software configuration changes to the directory and activate the configuration:

When you commit the configuration, the software reviews the configuration for errors (commit check). Then, if the configuration is correct, the configuration is activated and becomes the active configuration.

If the configuration contains errors, a message indicates the location of the error, and the configuration is not activated.

Reverting to a Previous Configuration

You can revert to the active configuration and discard configuration changes not yet committed.

To revert to the full committed configuration:

Updating the Configuration Data

You can update the configuration data based on changes made by other users.

To update the configuration:

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