Modifying the Editing Level in the C-Web Interface

You can modify the editing level for users when they access the C-Web interface.

The editing level determines which configuration statements and commands are visible to a user from the C-Web interface. Table 10 describes the editing levels.

Table 10: Editing Levels




Only values that must be configured are visible.


Common values and basic values are visible; this is the default setting.


All configurable values, including the common and basic values, are visible.


All configurable values and internal values used for debugging are visible.

If you log in to the C-Web interface as root, the default editing level, normal, is available to you because root does not require a user profile to access the C-Web interface. Although root access is used for initial configuration of a C Series Controller, user accounts are used to configure, manage, diagnose, and monitor components in the C-Web interface.

The editing level can be set for:

To modify the editing level:

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