Configuring SRC Components

After you create the basic SRC configuration, you can configure other SRC components and establish configurations for service providers and enterprises.

To configure SRC components in a deployment on C Series Controllers:

  1. If your configuration includes a RADIUS server, start it.
  2. Configure SAE local properties.

    See Initially Configuring the SAE.

  3. Obtain your SRC software license.

    See Types of SRC Licenses and Obtaining an SRC License.

  4. Install the license, and start the license server if you have a server license.

    See Installing Server Licenses for C Series Controllers (SRC CLI).

  5. (Optional) Configure and start the SRC SNMP agent.

    See Configuring the SRC SNMP Agent (SRC CLI).

  6. Start the SAE.

    See Starting the SAE (SRC CLI).

  7. If you use firewall software on your internal network, review firewall access for SRC components.

    See Port Settings for SRC Components.

  8. Configure other SRC components.

    Table 6 lists the principle SRC components that you can configure and names the document that provides information about configuring the components, typically from the CLI.

    Table 6: Configuration Information for Other SRC Components




    Configuring SRC ACP (SRC CLI)


    Configuring the JPS (SRC CLI)

    C-Web interface

    Enabling the C-Web Interface

    Accessing the C-Web Interface

    Network information collector (NIC)

    Configuring the NIC (SRC CLI)


    Configuring Policy Groups (SRC CLI)

    Configuring Policy Lists (SRC CLI)

    Redirect server

    Configuring the Redirect Server (SRC CLI)


    Initially Configuring the SAE

    Configuring the SAE to Manage Devices Running Junos OS (SRC CLI)

    Configuring the SAE to Manage JunosE Routers (SRC CLI)

    SAE access to external database that stores subscriber data

    Configuring LDAP Access to Directory Data (SRC CLI)


    Adding a Normal Service (SRC CLI)

    Adding an Infrastructure Service (SRC CLI)

    SRC Aggregate Services Overview

    Subscribers and subscriptions

    Adding Subscribers (SRC CLI)

    Configuring Subscriptions (SRC CLI)

    Enterprise Service Portals

    SRC PE Solutions Guide


For information about using the C-Web interface to configure components, see the SRC PE C-Web Interface Configuration Guide.

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