List of Tables

Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text Conventions
Table 3: SRC Software Features and Benefits
Table 4: Descriptions of SRC Components
Table 5: Available NIC Resolutions
Table 6: Configuration Information for Other SRC Components
Table 7: Values Allowed for the Periodic Strings
Table 8: Available Special Characters
Table 9: Special String Options
Table 10: Editing Levels
Table 11: Applications to Remotely Access the C Series Controller
Table 12: Default Port Settings for SRC Components
Table 13: SRC SNMP Warnings and Alarms
Table 14: Output Fields for the show license-server allocated-licenses Command
Table 15: Package Names for Components on a C Series Controller
Table 16: Login Class Permission Options
Table 17: Default System Login Classes
Table 18: Common Regular Expression Operators to Allow or Deny Operational Mode and Configuration Mode Commands
Table 19: Supported TACACS+ and RADIUS Authentication/Authorization Attributes
Table 20: Information Published for Events
Table 21: Draft RFCs
Table 22: RFCs
Table 23: Non-RFC Software Standards
Table 24: Juniper Networks URLs
Table 25: Third-Party URLs