Comparing SRC Configurations

This sample procedure describes how to use the compare command to display the uncommitted changes against the active configuration.

To compare uncommitted configuration changes:

Note: The compare command works only with the text format display.

The following example displays the show | compare command output, if the edit level of the admin user is changed from normal to expert and a new user guest is configured:

[edit system login]
user@host# show | compare 
+  user guest {
+    class super-user;
+    full-name guest;
+    uid 501;
+    gid 100;
+    authentication { 
+      encrypted-password "{crypt}jWAyE2tHU5EUk";
+    }
+    level normal;
+    complete-on-space on;
+  }
[edit system login user admin]
user@host# show | compare
-  level normal
+  level expert

Note: The plus sign (+) before the statement name indicates new configuration and the minus sign (–) before the statement name indicates deleted configuration.

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