Switching Between Operational Mode and Configuration Mode

When you monitor and configure the SRC software, you may need to switch between operational mode and configuration mode. Topics that describe switching modes include:

Switching to Configuration Mode

To enter configuration mode:

Returning to Operational Mode

You can return to operational mode with or without committing configuration changes. You can enter or exit configuration mode as many times as you wish without committing your changes.

To commit the configuration and exit:

[edit]user@host# commit and-quit commit completeExiting configuration modeuser@host>

To exit without committing:

[edit]user@host# exit Exiting configuration modeuser@host>

If there are changes that have not been committed, the CLI returns a message to that effect:

[edit]user@host# exit Exiting configuration mode.The configuration has been changed but not committed.

To return to operational mode from any configuration hierarchy level, such as [edit system services]:

[edit system services]user@host# exit configuration-mode user@host>

Running Operational Mode Commands from Configuration Mode

To display the output of an operational mode command, such as show, while in configuration mode:

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