Format of the Subscriber’s URI

Many of Dynamic Service Activator’s methods require the argument subURI, the subscriber’s Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This argument comprises two portions: the type of subscriber (subscriber-type) and a list of the subscriber’s attributes (subscriber-comp). The syntax for the subURI argument is:

<subscriber-type>:<subscriber-comp> [& <subscriber-comp>]*

The <subscriber-type> variable is the name of the Subscriber Type instance that is defined in the directory during the Dynamic Service Activator configuration. For example, the sample data provides these Subscriber Type instances for the <subscriber-type> value:

The <subscriber-comp> variable has the format <type>=<value>.

For example, you can use the following subscriber’s URI to look up a subscriber by IP address as specified by the sample data:


The sample data defines a subscriber type named ip, whose sidType is SIT_ADDRESS and nicProxyNamespace is /nicProxies/ip. As a result, ip is the value of the <subscriber-type> variable. Because the sidType is SIT_ADDRESS, ipAddress is mandatory for the <type> component, and the subscriber’s IP address is the <value> component of the <subscriber-comp> variable.

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