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    Setting the Time Zone (SRC CLI)

    Use one of the following formats for the set time-zone command to set the time zone on a C Series Controller:

    • (Recommended) Continent or nation with major city or province.

      To see a list of entries in this format, use the ? help at the CLI:

      [edit system]
      user@host# set time-zone ?
      Possible completions:
      . . .
    • GMT offset to set the time zone relative to UTC (GMT) time in the format /Etc/ GMToffset. Time zone files are stored in the /Etc directory.
    • A common zone such as UTC, MDT, or EST.

    To modify the local time zone:

    1. In configuration mode at the [edit system] hierarchy level, set the time zone.
      [edit system]user@host# set time-zone time-zone

      For example, to set the time zone for New York:

      [edit system]user@host# set system time-zone America/New_York


    2. Verify the configuration. For example:
      [edit system]
      user@host# show
      time-zone America/New_York;
    3. For the time zone change to take effect for all processes running on the system, reboot the system.

    Published: 2014-06-12