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    Defining an Alarm for an SNMP Monitor That Compares Object Values (SRC CLI)

    You can configure a monitor to compare a sample value to a specified value or range of values by using one of the following types of comparisons:

    • equal
    • unequal
    • less
    • less-or-equal
    • greater
    • greater-or-equal

    Note: Configure only one monitor test at a time.

    Before you define an alarm type, configure the associated SNMP alarm.

    See Configuring an SNMP Alarm on a C Series Controller (SRC CLI).

    To configure a monitor to compare a sample to a specified value or range of values:

    1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statements that configure SNMP monitoring for a Boolean test. For example:
      [edit]user@host# edit snmp monitor alarm saeHeapUsage boolean-test

      where saeHeapUsage is the name of the alarm.

    2. Specify the type of Boolean test. For example:
      [edit snmp monitor alarm saeHeapUsage boolean-test]user@host# set comparison greater
    3. Define the value that the test uses. For example:
      [edit snmp monitor saeHeapUsage boolean-test]user@host# value 14000000

    Published: 2014-06-12