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    Billing Subscribers Through SCU/DCU for Devices Running Junos OS

    All services that you configure for devices running Junos OS support billing that uses the source class usage (SCU) and destination class usage (DCU) features for egress traffic on the device running Junos OS. The SRC software supports this feature through the SAE and policy engine, which match source and destination classes in Junos OS policy rules. To enable SCU/DCU-based billing:

    1. Configure the devices running Junos OS in the network to support SCU/DCU accounting, ensuring that all traffic is tagged with the appropriate classes.

      The classes depend on the routes that the routers use to forward the traffic. For information about configuring SCU/DCU accounting with the Junos OS, see the Junos OS documentation set.

    2. Configure policies that match the source and destination classes you defined and that contain accounting rules.
    3. Configure the services to which enterprises subscribe to use these policies.

    For example, a service provider may want to bill local and long-distance traffic at different rates. The service provider could achieve this goal as follows:

    1. Configure the device running Junos OS to tag traffic that exits the SRC network with the class netout and traffic that stays within the network with the class netin.
    2. Define a service called LocalBestEffortData, and associate with this service a policy that matches the destination class netin at output.
    3. Define a service called LongDistanceBestEffortData, and associate with this service a policy that matches the destination class netout at input and output.

    The service provider can monitor the use of each service and whether the traffic remains within the network. With this information, the service provider can bill the enterprise accordingly. An IT manager in the enterprise can subscribe to both services and can monitor the enterprise’s use of each service through the portal.


    Published: 2014-06-19