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    Configuration Statements for the Redirect Server (SRC CLI)

    Use the following configuration statements to configure the redirect server at the [edit] hierarchy level.

    redirect-server { tcp-port tcp-port; destination-url destination-url; proxy-support; proxy-destination-url proxy-destination-url; refresh; request-rate request-rate; request-burst-size request-burst-size; client-rate client-rate; client-burst-size client-burst-size; check-file-extensions; file-extensions file-extensions; redundancy; }
    redirect-server https {port port;certificate-identifier certificate-identifier;}
    redirect-server ip-redirect {interface interface;port port;https-port https-port;}
    redirect-server ldap { url url;bind-dn bind-dn; bind-password bind-password; base-dn base-dn; }
    redirect-server dns {enable;tcp-port tcp-port; udp-port udp-port; forwarder forwarder; error-ip-address error-ip-address; }
    redirect-server monitor { redundant-host-ip-address redundant-host-ip-address; virtual-ip-address virtual-ip-address; real-ip-address real-ip-address; primary-server; check-interval check-interval; virtual-routers virtual-routers; }

    For detailed information about each configuration statement, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

    Published: 2014-06-12