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    Unsuccessful Connections from the SAE to the SRC License Server

    If the SAE fails to connect to the license server at startup or the license does not include the CORBA reference, then the SAE goes into a fallback mode and looks for a server license of the type issued for earlier releases of the SRC software. These early licenses limited the capacity of the network managed by the SAE and/or the number of SAE services that were concurrently available to be activated by subscribers; Juniper Networks no longer issues these licenses.

    If the SAE cannot find any server licenses, then it looks for a pilot license associated in the directory with its host ID. If the SAE cannot obtain a license, it closes itself.

    The SAE polls the directory at specified intervals to detect license upgrades or additions. Server licenses are preferred over pilot licenses. If the SAE detects a license with a higher preference than the one in current use, it switches to that license. For example, if the SAE is using a pilot license and detects a server license, it switches to the server license.

    If the current license is removed from the directory or if the directory becomes unavailable, the SAE goes into an idle mode and does not accept any further requests to activate a new service session.

    Published: 2014-06-12