Configuring the Redirect Server to Support HTTP Proxies (SRC CLI)

Support for proxy requests is an optional feature of the redirect server. If you configure proxy support, you must also have DNS configured. You can use DNS servers already installed on your network, or use the server included with the SRC software.

Use the following configuration statements to configure the redirect server to support HTTP proxies:

redirect-server { proxy-support; proxy-destination-url proxy-destination-url;}

To configure the redirect server to support HTTP proxies:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the redirect server.
    user@host# edit redirect-server
  2. Enable HTTP proxy support.
    [edit redirect-server]user@host# set proxy-support
  3. Specify the URL sent as a response to proxy requests.
    [edit redirect-server]user@host# set proxy-destination-url proxy-destination-url

    If you do not configure a value, then the URL defaults to the redir.url value. You can use this property to send proxy requests to a page different from the direct request page on the captive portal.

For information about configuring the DNS server included with the SRC software, see Configuring the DNS Server for the Redirect Server (SRC CLI)

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