Identifying a Profile for Unauthenticated Subscribers (SRC CLI)

The SAE uses an unauthenticated subscriber profile as a transitional profile for subscribers who are not logged in to the SAE. For example, if a subscriber logs out of the SAE using the API method Subscriber.logout(), an unauthenticated subscriber session is created. The unauthenticated subscriber profile must exist and can be subscribed to services available for unauthenticated subscribers. The portal implementation determines whether unauthenticated (anonymous) subscribers can access the portal.

Use the following configuration statement to specify an unauthenticated subscriber profile.

shared sae configuration driver {unauthenticated-subscriber-dn unauthenticated-subscriber-dn }

To specify an unauthenticated subscriber profile:

  1. From configuration mode, access the SAE driver configuration statement.
    user@host# edit shared sae configuration driver
  2. Specify a subscriber profile for unauthenticated access to the portal.
    [edit shared sae configuration driver] user@host# set unauthenticated-subscriber-dn unauthenticated-subscriber-dn
  3. (Optional) Verify your configuration.
    [edit shared sae configuration driver]
    user@host# show unauthenticated-subscriber-dn 
    unauthenticated-subscriber-dn uniqueID=unauthentication,ou=local,RetailerName=default,o=Users,<base>;

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