Abbreviated Table of Contents

About the Documentation
Managing Subscribers and Subscriptions
Overview of Subscribers and Subscriptions on a C Series Controller
Subscriber Logins and Service Activation
Configuring Subscriber–Related Properties on the SAE (SRC CLI)
Classifying Interfaces and Subscribers (SRC CLI)
Overview of Plug-Ins Included with the SAE
Configuring Internal, External, and Synchronization Plug-Ins (SRC CLI)
Configuring Accounting and Authentication Plug-Ins (SRC CLI)
Configuring Subscribers and Subscriptions (SRC CLI)
Redirecting Subscriber Traffic Through Redirect Server
Redirecting Subscriber Traffic
Configuring Traffic Redirection (SRC CLI)
Integrating Junos OS VPNs into an SRC Configuration
Adding VPNs from Devices Running Junos OS (SRC CLI)