Configuring PTSP Policy Lists (SRC CLI)

Note: For PTSP you must:

  • Set the role of the policy list to junos-ptsp
  • Set the policy list rule type to ptsp-service-rule
  • Set the policy list applicability option to both
  • Create a policer instance.

Use the following configuration statements to PTSP policy lists:

policies group name list name {role [(junos | junose-ipv4 | junose-ipv6 | junose-l2tp | pcmm | aaa | junos-ise | junos-ptsp)];applicability [(input | output | both | secondary-input)];description description;}

To configure policy lists:

  1. From configuration mode, create a policy list. For example, to create a policy list called list1 within a policy group called group1:
    user@host# edit policies group group1 list list1
  2. Specify the role of the policy list. For PTSP the role must be set to junos-ptsp.
    [edit policies group group1 list list1] user@host# set role junos-ptsp
  3. Specify where the policy is applied on the device. For PTSP the applicability option must be set to both.
    [edit policies group group1 list list1] user@host# set applicability both

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