Configuring JSRC on the MX Series Router

Tasks to set up JSRC on the Juniper Networks routing platform are:

  1. Configure the Diameter instance.

    See Configuring the Diameter Application (SRC CLI).

  2. Set up the MX Series router so that it can be managed by the SAE.

    See Adding Network Devices (SRC CLI)

  3. Configure the Diameter peer.

    See Configuring Diameter Peers (SRC CLI).

  4. Configure the SAE to manage the MX Series router.

    See Configuring the SAE to Manage Network Devices (SRC CLI).

  5. Configure JSRC policies.

    See Configuring JSRC Policies (SRC CLI).

For more information about JSRC and subscriber access, see the Junos OS Subscriber Management and Services Library.