Configuring COA Script Services

To support COA message exchange in an SRC network, configure a script service that can be activated on a third-party device. The script service defines the parameters needed to activate or deactivate services for a subscriber session, such as the address of the third-party device. This script service is activated for the subscriber session whose services are activated or deactivated. For detailed information about configuring script services, see Customizing Service Implementations.

When you use the COA script service with third-party devices that do not notify the SAE about subscriber events, you must set up the Monitoring Agent application to handle RADIUS accounting request packets.

For information about configuring services on the third-party device, see the device’s software documentation.

The tasks to set up the SRC software for COA message exchange are:

The SRC software includes a sample script service that you can configure to exchange COA messages with the third-party device. You can use the sample service definition and customize it for your environment by modifying the service substitutions. For information about the sample COA script service, see
Example: Using the Sample COA Script Service.

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