Configuring Search Filters for QoS Profile-Tracking Plug-Ins

The SAE uses a search filter to search service objects in the directory to find QoS services. You can set up the filter to search the values of any attribute in the service object, such as service name, category, or tracking plug-in. The search is successful when a value matches the filter.

To configure the search:

The default is attribute.trackPlug=; note that you need to add a search value after the equal sign. For example:


(|(serviceCategory=*ultra*)(|(serviceCategory=*video on demand*)(serviceCategory=*video telephony*)))

For information about obtaining a list of attribute names for the sspService object class, see the documentation for the LDAP schema in SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file in the folder SDK/doc/ldap or on the Juniper Networks Web site at

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