Bandwidth-on-Demand Services for Enterprise Manager Portal

You can make bandwidth available on demand to IT managers by creating the following types of services:

BoD and basic BoD services allow billing for subscriptions to supplementary services.

You can create services to provide Junos class of service (CoS) or JunosE quality of service (QoS) by configuring BoD and basic BoD services that interact with each other. You can provide different service levels to different traffic by specifying traffic classification criteria.

You can create any number of basic BoD services and any number of BoD services. Only one basic BoD service, but numerous BoD services can be assigned to an access link.

BoD services can be configured to provision bandwidth provided by basic BoD services for a link. For example, you could provide a basic BoD service that provides 1 Mbps to the access link, and two video services as BoD services, each with different characteristics.

When you configure BoD and basic BoD services, they are available to IT managers through Enterprise Manager Portal

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