Preparing to Develop a Sample-Based Enterprise Service Portal

The following instructions describe how to set up a development environment that uses Eclipse and Tomcat on a Solaris platform. If you want to use Eclipse and Tomcat on a different operating system, see the following Web sites:

To get ready to develop a portal based on the sample Enterprise Service Portal:

  1. Download and install Eclipse from
  2. Download the Tomcat plug-in for Eclipse from
  3. Unzip the plug-in into the Eclipse installation directory.
  4. Download Tomcat from
  5. Install Tomcat:
    mkdir $HOME/eclipse cd $HOME/eclipse unzip /tmp/ unzip /tmp/ cd $HOME gzip –dc /tmp/tomcat-4.1.18.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  6. Start Eclipse.
  7. Configure the Tomcat plug-in.

    Select Window > Preferences > Tomcat, and configure the Tomcat version and the path where you installed Tomcat.