Requesting Public IP Addresses for NAT Services

To request one or more IP addresses:

  1. In the navigation pane of Enterprise Manager Portal, click the access to which you want to request an IP address.
  2. Click the Addresses tab.

    The Addresses page appears.

    Figure 10: Addresses Page Before Requesting Addresses

    Addresses Page Before Requesting Addresses
  3. In the Number of Addresses field, enter the number of addresses that you want.

    See Address Fields for NAT Addressing in Enterprise Manager Portal.

  4. (Optional) If you specify multiple IP addresses and you want the addresses to be sequential, select Contiguous.
  5. Click Request.

    Enterprise Manager Portal sends a request to the service provider for the IP addresses and displays the number of outstanding requests. When the service provider allocates the IP addresses, Enterprise Manager Portal displays the public IP addresses assigned to this access and makes the addresses visible in the menus on the NAT page for that access, as shown in Figure 11. If a request for an IP address is outstanding for a certain period of time, Enterprise Manager Portal automatically sends a reminder to the service provider.

    Figure 11: Addresses Page After Requesting Addresses

    Addresses Page After Requesting Addresses