Classifying Traffic

To create an application protocol:

  1. In the navigation pane of Enterprise Manager Portal, click the subscriber to whom you want to assign the application object.
  2. Click the Applications tab.

    The Applications page appears. This page displays the application protocols that the subscriber inherits from parent subscribers and application protocols configured explicitly for the subscriber.

    Figure 6: Applications Page

    Applications Page
  3. Click Create Application.

    The Create Application page appears.

  4. Using the following field descriptions, specify details for the application protocol.

    Some fields are available only for certain applications. When a field is unavailable, the box in which you enter information is dimmed, and you cannot enter information in it.

  5. Click Apply.

Traffic Classification Fields in Enterprise Manager Portal

Use the fields in this topic to classify traffic for firewall exceptions and NAT rules.

Application Name

Application Protocol

IP Protocol

Source Port

Destination Port

SNMP Command



TTL Threshold

RPC Program Number


Inactivity Timeout