Creating Extranets Through Enterprise Manager Portal

If the service provider configures the portal to display extranet features, IT managers with privileges to configure VPNs in their scope of control can create extranets for other enterprises and retailers by exporting those VPNs. Enterprises and retailers who share VPNs that other subscribers own are called extranet clients.

To create an extranet:

  1. Obtain a location identifier from the extranet client.

    When you click an enterprise or retailer in the navigation pane of Enterprise Manager Portal, the location identifier for that subscriber appears at the bottom of the VPNs page). The default format of the location identifier is:

    [<enterpriseName>.<subscriberFolderName>/ ]<retailerName>

    • enterpriseName—Name of the enterprise in the directory
    • subscriberFolderName—Name of the subscriber folder that contains the directory
    • retailerName—Name of the retailer in the directory
  2. Start at the VPN page for the subscriber who owns the VPN.
  3. In the field called Exposed to in the Expose VPNs area, enter the location identifier for the extranet client.
  4. Click Add.

    The VPN page for the subscriber who owns the VPN displays the updated status of the VPN, and the extranet client now has access to the VPN.