Deployment Scenario for an Enterprise Service Portal

Figure 2 shows component interactions for a sample deployment of an enterprise service portal.

Figure 2: Deployment for an Enterprise Service Portal

Deployment for an Enterprise Service

The directory servers are synchronized by means of server-to-server protocols, such as DISP and DSP in the case of X.500 directories, and DirX and equivalent protocols in the case of native LDAP directories, such as Sun ONE Directory Server.

In this configuration, bulk service session requests and implicit subscription reactivation caused by substitution changes are made through replication of directory information. The enterprise service portal writes new information to its local directory, and the server-to-server protocols transfer the information to the SAE’s local directory. Then the SRC directory eventing system notifies the SAE of the new information, and the SAE reacts by activating and deactivating subscriptions.

The enterprise service portal receives feedback on the session state and parameter values of a session using remote procedure calls through the CORBA connection directly to the SAE managing the session.