Configuring Basic BoD Services

You can create services with the Policies, Services, and Subscribers CLI or the Policies, Services, and Subscribers subtasks in the C-Web interface.

Basic BoD services do not have service parameters.

To configure a service that uses basic BoD:

  1. Create a service.
  2. Specify the following values for the service:
    • Category—basicBod (service’s LDAP attribute sspCategory)
    • Description—Description of the bandwidth provided by the service

      If you plan to integrate a basic BoD service with a BoD service, the description for each basic BoD service should explain the bandwidth provided, and the relationship between this bandwidth level and the BoD service. The description should also explain the relationship between the service name, which is shown on the portal in the Bandwidth Level list, and the bandwidth provided. For example, for a service named 1 Mbps, the bandwidth provided could be 1 Mbps downstream and 500 Kbps upstream.

      This description will appear in the online help for Bandwidth Level in Enterprise Manager Portal. Although there is no limit for the length of the text entered, the portal displays the text in one paragraph.

    • Policy Group—Policy group that supports basic BoD services

For a sample BoD service, see serviceName=1.0 Mbps, l=EntJunos, o=Scopes, o=umc in the sample data.