List of Tables

Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text Conventions
Table 3: Sample Applications
Table 4: Components to Support SRC Sample and Demonstration Applications
Table 5: Solaris Packages and Installation Folders for Sample Applications
Table 6: Navigation Pane for the Sample Residential Portal
Table 7: Services Available from Enterprise Manager Portal
Table 8: Basic Firewall Services and Policies
Table 9: Stateless Firewall Services in Sample Data
Table 10: Parameters for Stateless Firewall Services for Enterprise Manager Portal
Table 11: NAT Services and Policies
Table 12: Parameters for BoD Services for Enterprise Manager Portal
Table 13: Integrated BoD and Basic BoD Services in Sample Data
Table 14: Policies to Specify Forwarding Treatment for Specified Traffic Classes
Table 15: Communication Protocols for an Enterprise Service Portal
Table 16: Enterprise Service Applications
Table 17: Namespaces for Enterprise Service Portals
Table 18: Common Audit Plug-In Information
Table 19: Events Reportable to the Audit Plug-In
Table 20: Portal Configuration Support for Services on Routers
Table 21: Maximum Duration for Recurrence Patterns
Table 22: Possible Subscription Status