Installing SRC Sample Web Applications on a Web Application Server

If you are using a Web application server other than the one provided in the SRC software, use the following procedure as a guideline for installing a sample Web application on your Web application server. Web applications must be deployed in a Web application server. The exact way you install Web applications depends on the Web application server you are using and the particular Web application.

The following procedure provides general steps for installing a Web application:

  1. Install the Web application server on the host.
  2. If the Web application requires configuration of a properties file, complete the following procedure:
    1. Copy the WAR file from the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file to a temporary folder on the host.
    2. Unpack the WAR file.

      For information about unpacking and packing WAR files, see

    3. Edit the properties file for the Web application.
    4. Repack the WAR file.
  3. Deploy the WAR file by using the procedure appropriate for your Web application server.

    For information about deploying WAR files, see the documentation for your Web application software.