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Upgrading the System Software When Running the VTA Component

You must use this procedure to upgrade the system software from Release 4.2.x to Release 4.7.x and when running the SRC VTA. Review this procedure carefully before starting your upgrade and follow the procedure exactly as described.

Critical Requirements

When you are running the SRC VTA on Release 4.2.x software and you are upgrading to Release 4.7.x software, you must ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. Ensure SAEs are not sending events to VTAs, and ensure the VTA queues are empty, before upgrading the application servers and VTAs. (You can do this by deleting the Release 4.7.x ejb-adaptor’s application-server-url property and then waiting until the VTAs finish processing events in their queues.)
  2. Ensure VTAs are restarted after the application servers and VTAs are upgraded and before the SAEs resume sending events.
  3. Do not send events from Release 4.2 SAEs to Release 4.7 VTAs. Upgrade all the SAEs either before or at the same time as you upgrade the first application server and VTA, but not after.

Upgrade Procedure

Follow this procedure to upgrade your system software.

Upgrade the SAEs

For each C Series Controller running an SAE:

  1. Upgrade the C Series Controller from Release 4.2 to Release 4.7.
  2. Do not change the ejb-adaptor configuration.

Upon restarting, the Release 4.7 SAE will resume sending events to either a single Release 4.2 VTA instance, or a clustered Release 4.2 VTA through a clustered EJB, depending on the value of the application-server-url property.

Stop Sending Events

After you upgrade all the SAEs:

  1. Delete the ejb-adaptor property application-server-url and commit the configuration.

    The SAEs will now have no VTA to talk to, and will put all events into their fail-queues on disk.

Upgrade the VTAs and Resume Sending Events

For the C Series Controllers running both an application server and VTA:

  1. Wait until the VTA queues are all empty.
  2. Upgrade the C Series Controllers from Release 4.2 to Release 4.7.

    In the unusual case that a durable queue has been configured, that is the persistent configuration attribute under the [edit shared vta group name queue] configuration hierarchy is set, ensure that the empty durable queue is deleted before upgrading the system.

  3. Restart the VTA (this is critical) on each C Series Controller, or if the application server is clustered, on one of the C Series Controllers after all of them are upgraded.
  4. Add the IP address of every VTA system to the ejb-adaptor’s application-server-url property and commit the configuration. The SAEs will begin sending events to the Release 4.7 VTAs again.

Note: This software upgrade includes some critical changes to the application server’s Hornet-Q configuration as well as to the VTA. If not upgrading the entire system, ensure that both the VTA component and the application-server component are upgraded at the same time.

Modified: 2015-07-23