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Known Problems and Limitations

This section identifies known problems and limitations in this release.

Application Server

  • The sample enterprise service portal hangs when the configured application server interface goes down.

    Reference: PR 904175


  • The SRC software supports VSA definitions only in the format Vendor-Specific.4874.<vsa#>.<type>, even though the SRC software accepts other formats too.

    Reference: PR 939170

  • When you make a change through the SRC CLI and then some other application like a router script also modifies the same configuration in the Juniper Networks database, the SRC CLI can display a timestamp error. For example:
    [edit shared network device device1 virtual-router default]host@user# commit
    Detected that data node with name [virtualRouterName=default], modify time [Wed Jun 22 10:40:27 EDT 2011] and correspondent ldap object with modify time [Wed Jun 22 12:37:17 EDT 2011] have different timestamp. Will not perform ldap modify operation. Will remove data node from memory.

    If this problem occurs, you need to rollback the configuration and reconfigure your changes. To rollback the configuration, execute:

    [edit] host@user# rollback
    rollback complete

    Reference: TIC 17429 / PR 906280

  • When you configure the port value as 23 for SSH by using the set shared sae group group-name configuration driver junos-ise pool-retrieval netconf-port netconf-port or set shared network device name pool-retrieval netconf-port netconf-port command, the request sae update ip-pools command hangs.

    Reference: PR 940482

  • When you execute the show sae subscribers command, the accounting user identifier value is not displayed for certain subscribers on devices running Junos OS.

    Reference: PR 943743

C-Web Interface

  • The C-Web interface does not automatically display the changes that you made to parts of the configuration tree. When you modify one part of the configuration tree, the changes are automatically transmitted to other parts of the configuration tree, but not displayed automatically. To view these changes, you need to click Refresh.

    Reference: TIC 13881 / PR 1003163


  • The SAE fails to manage the DMI network device (router).

    If the management IP address is not configured under the shared DMI network device before the SAE initializes the device, the SAE is not able to pick up the deviceID from Junos Space, and fails to manage the router.

    Workaround: Configure the management IP address and then restart the SAE.

    Reference: TIC 17267 / PR 903197


  • Unable to activate service with VPN ID in OnePopServiceNode scenario.

    You cannot activate services with VPN IDs in the OnePopServiceNode NIC scenario.

    Reference: TIC 18270 / PR 906487


  • Subscribers get some services activated without subscription, if services refer to the same policy group. For example, if a subscriber is only subscribed to Internet-Bronze, Internet-Gold may get activated if both the services refer to the same policy group.

    Reference: TIC 18482 / PR 906540

  • Services do not get applied to subscribers if auth-plugin (ssr-reader) is registered at the hierarchy level [edit shared network device xyz virtual-router]. This problem is seen only in attach after PTSP scenario, where the SIC receives the accounting start packet after the SAE is notified of the PTSP flow (typically MX router notifies the SAE). This issue does not occur if the same plug-in is registered at the hierarchy level edit shared sae group xyz configuration plug-ins event-publisher.

    Reference: TIC 18462 / PR 906531


  • The show sae drivers device-name command displays the number of junos-ise and junos-ptsp devices that are not currently connected.

    Reference: PR 904065

  • After you change IP address and then restart the components such as SAE and NIC, the newly changed addresses are not displayed in the sminfo.log file.

    Reference: PR 904184

  • The JSRC router driver remains in state-in-transition state, when a current state changing event is interrupted by a second state changing event, and the current state changing event on interruption triggers a new state changing event.

    Reference: PR 998494

  • The JSRC router driver remains in state-in-transition state when SRQ message is received and if the other messages such as AAR, STR, and ACR are received during the same time frame as SRQ.

    Reference: PR 998440

  • If there are overlapping schedules because of an incorrectly configured effective period, the expiry dates of multiple events are affected.

    Workaround: Configure the effective period in such a way that the schedules do not overlap.

    Reference: TIC 19008 / PR 904323


  • UserIPAddress value is displayed in binary format rather than IPv4 or IPv6 address format in SIC audit logs.

    In SIC Audit logs, the UserIPAddress value is displayed in binary format rather than IPv4 or IPv6 address format

    Reference: TIC 18274 / PR 906490


  • Fixed length binary and string columns are not padded to their full length.

    Fixed length binary and string columns are not padded to their full length, which results in garbage values while being stored in the SSR database, especially when the request attribute contains values less than the length of the database column. Also if the request attribute contains a value which is greater than the length of its corresponding database column in SSR, the values should be truncated to fit in its defined length in the database.

    Reference: TIC 18283 / PR 906492


  • Whenever you upgrade SRC software, the SRC software retains the already committed value for the parameters even though the committed value violates the new value range set for those parameters in the latest software version.

    Workaround: Make sure that you configure a value within the new value range after you upgrade the SRC software.

    Reference: PR 946171

Modified: 2015-07-23