Modifying SRC VTA Accounts and Service Sessions (SRC CLI)

Use the request vta group vtaName update-accounts account-name account-name command to modify subscriber SRC VTA accounts and service sessions. By using this command, you can modify either all service sessions in an account or a specific subscriber’s service sessions in the account.

You can overwrite the status, description, last update time, or balance in a set of accounts. You can also change the existing account balance by a specific positive or negative amount.

Use one or more of the options described in Table 61 to modify the account.

Table 61: Arguments Used to Modify Accounts


new-status newAccountStatus

Changes the status of the account or specified subscriber’s service sessions.

new-balance newAccountBalance

Sets the account balance to the amount specified by the newAccountBalance. For example, an account starts with a balance of 10. You set the newAccountBalance to 2. The account now has a balance of 2.

balance-change accountBalanceChangeAmount

Adds the amount specified for the accountBalanceChangeAmount to the existing account balance. For example, an account starts with a balance of 10. You set the accountBalanceChangeAmount to 2. The account now has a balance of 12.

balance-change-description description

(Optional) Add a description for the balance change. If you specify this option, a new balance change record is created in the database that contains the specified description, as well as the amount by which the account balance was changed. If the account balance was not changed, this amount will be zero.


(Optional) Trigger a callback:terminatesessions event for each specified subscriber. The SRC VTA ignores these events unless you configure an event-handler to process them.

When you execute either of these commands, the SRC VTA takes the following steps:

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