Creating an SIC Server Instance (SRC CLI)

Use either of the following statements to configure an SIC server instance:

slot number sic server { name /group-name/server-name; }
shared sic group identifier server identifier

To create an instance of an SIC server:

For example, if you want to create an SIC group named server-group1 that includes a server named server-bldg5, from configuration mode:

If you want to add another server to server-group1 named server-bldg5a, execute:

[edit]user@host# edit slot 0 sic server set name /server-group1/server-bldg5a

Creating a server by using this statement populates it with sample data.

You can also add a new server to an existing group by using the shared sic group identifier server identifier statement. However, this statement does not populate the server with sample data.

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